Spice up your Discord Server

Imber Bot is a premium Discord bot that is made for people that need a custom all-in-one bot for their server.

Main Features

Custom Bot

Custom Bot

You can customize the bot’s avatar, username, status, embed colors, and icons. The bot is fully configurable with commands. Bot username, avatar, and description can be changed on Discord’s panel

Advanced Giveaways

Host giveaways for your community to keep members engaged and interested in your server. Implement requirements such as invites, levels, messages, roles, and balances to combat bots.

Advanced Giveaways
Server Backups

Server Backups

Make unlimited backups of your server and fully restore your server even when your server has been deleted. Backup up to 50 messages per channel and save all emojis and images.

Music System

Play high-quality music from Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Enhance your experience with button controls, audio filters, lyrics, and autoplay. You can even watch YouTube videos together via the bot.

Music System
Ticket System

Ticket System

The Imber bot comes with an advanced ticket system, which takes advantage of the latest Discord features. You can create fully custom ticket panels, with multiple ticket categories. You can archive tickets for later use and save transcripts in HTML.

Embed Builder

Create custom embeds with the interactive embed builder. You can even add your own buttons and edit existing messages with the message edit tool. 

Filled With Features

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